Friday, February 5, 2016

Cloud Kraken

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Number Appearing:  No survivors have reported seeing more than one

Size:  No survivors have ever seen the whole thing - but big enough to take an air ship

Armor: Not really

Resilience:  Tentacles are rubbery, hard to cut, and long enough to keep opponents away from the vital bits

Intelligence: Cephalopod

Communication: Skin pattern changes, to include bright flashes that mimic lightning.

Disposition: Hungry

Violence:  Great big tentacles leading to enormous beak

Enemies: Sky Whales

Aims:  Live fast.  Die young.  Leave an enormous floppy corpse.

  • Some survivors report a strange "Ulla Ulla" sound in the vicinity of the encounter.
  • Hunt throughout the Troposphere, but won't come below the cloud deck.  Won't come within a few hundred feet of the ground in most places due to trees, hills, etc.  Unexplained disappearances on the Sea of Grass may be linked to foggy weather.
  • Can create a noxious opaque cloud the size of an air ship when they feel the need to cover their escape.
  • Flying Squid are a real thing, which is pretty darned peculiar.

Treasure:  How do you feel about calamari rings?

Format cheerfully swiped from They Stalk the Underworld

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