Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stone Lions

 So I went to the dollar store to buy toys again.  The thing about dollar store toys is that they often weren't schlock before the production team's bean counters got a crack at them.  This tigger appears to be a direct casting of a 3-up wax sculpture intended for a pantograph.  At a guess.  Added a beard and tail tuft before I remembered the camera.
 Covering up that nasty join line at the neck.  Using a foil filler because Magic Sculpt ain't cheap.
 Magic Sculpt mane.  Basically do a pattern of flowing locks, then add the grain.
 Looks a lot more like a lion with the stripes covered.  Folk Art "Wrought Iron" for the base coat.
 Finished painting using the same technique as the stone columns.

"Grr.  Aargh."

Fang and Claw, guardians of the Gate of Sorrows

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