Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wasp Women

Thank you, Roger Corman.

Number Appearing: Too many

Size: More or less human

Armor: Rigid chitin and blurring speed

Resilience: Not so much

Intelligence: Sapient

Communication: Pheromones, mostly.

Disposition: Waspish

Violence: Nets, Man-catchers, paralyzing stinger if they're desperate enough to grapple

Enemies: Mice, of all things

Aims: Feed your still-living brain to their young.

  • Only become sapient if fed a live intelligent humanoid as larvae. Use unintelligent drones as cannon fodder. 
  • Hunt giant spiders because they can. 
  • Strictly diurnal - cold and dark impair them greatly 
  • Not-so-strictly diurnal if someone's got artificial lights they can home in on 
Treasure: Hornet Juice (if you know how to harvest it, acts as potion of speed), Reams of high quality paper, a large pile of inorganic personal effects. Several live victims that may or may not have an angry wasp creature pull a chest-burster maneuver later on.

Monster format cheerfully swiped from "They Stalk the Underworld".

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